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Baptiste Power Yoga with Jennifer Huber

Stop Struggling - 60 minute Baptiste Inspired Power Vinyasa Audio Recording

Apr 25, 2017

Here is an audio recording of a recent 60 minute Baptiste inspired power vinyasa yoga class I taught at Jai Dee Yoga in Tampa, FL.

The reading I chose for the class was from the book Thirty by Emily Maroutian.


The section was titled #56 Advice

Stop trying. Stop struggling. Stop forcing. Who you are doesn’t take energy or effort. It is the easiest thing to be. If it’s not easy, it’s not really you. It’s a dream of someone you want to be because you think it’s better than who you really are. Most likely, you picked it up from watching others being that naturally. What your’e seeking isn’t the thing in the other person that you’re mimicking; it’s the ease in which that person behaves, the confidence in which they flow, the naturalness of their being., the comfort in who they are. What you really want is to feel good about who you are. That’s all. You don’t want to be them—you want to feel good about being you.