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Power Yoga with Jennifer Huber

Jun 25, 2024

I had the extreme pleasure of putting the mic on Lee this last weekend as she led asana at c.1949 (an outdoor beer garden in our neighborhood). Many displaced yogis were there ❤️ Lee led and I provided hands-on assists. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful practice about fire and the summer solstice of transformation. The physical focus was our solar plexus.

My friend Lee and I are hosting a yoga retreat in Roxbury, NY July 30th - August 3rd. The space is gorgeous and the landscape is picturesque. Lee will be cooking Vegan/Vegetarian food for all of us and there will be Yin/Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Power Yoga sessions during your stay. To read more about it or to sign up:

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Recorded live at c.1949 in Tampa, FL.